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NPK Liquid Gel Fertilizer

How our innovative technology S4 and EA2 gives a unique formulation ?

Read below :

Some common aspects in the usage of our EA2 technology based products are:

A very speedy and increased volume of uptake of nutrients
Improved and enhanced movement of nutrients within the plant.

Whereas our S4 technology allows for:

High concentrations
Long shelf-life
The use of both solid and liquid raw materials

While liquid products with high concentrations are prone to face separation and sedimentation. S4 Technology’s gel form prevents such issues. The viscosity of S4 formulations changes over time in storage, from an almost-liquid form to solid gel, keeping all components in suspension. This transformation is not permanent but can be fully reversed by simple agitation of the product.

All these features make our product rich in quality and high in results .

Order your free sample kit today.

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NPK Liquid Gel Fertilizer

NPK Liquid Gel Fertilizer

NPK as a mixture fertilizer is one of the most commonly used forms of fertilizers.

Arihant has introduced a whole new range of NPK gel based liquids.
High, balanced NPK concentrations are suitable for all growth stages.

NPK 20 20 20 is an ideal product for balanced nutrition .

Some of the benefits are as below :-

Organically activated for better uptake and movement of nutrients
Enhanced with Bioactive elements for improved:

Abiotic stress resistance [heat, drought & salinity]

Biotic resistance [insect & diseases]

Fast nutrient uptake & utilization

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NPK Liquid Gel Fertilizer

Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is not a specific practice itself.

Rather, proponents of regenerative agriculture use a variety of
sustainable agriculture techniques in combination.

Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation
approach to food and farming systems.

It focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity,

[1] improving the water cycle,

[2] enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration,

[3] increasing resilience to climate change,
and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.

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Regenerative agriculture

Micronutrient Liquid Fertilizer

Zinc Oxide Suspension Concentrate (Zn-39.5% -It is a highly concentrated
flowable zinc formulation containing 39.5 percent zinc which can penetrate with
good mobility within the plant to prevent and treat zinc deficiency on a wide range of crops.

Boron Ethanolamine (B-10%) - Boron deficiency in crop plants is the second
most widespread micronutrient deficiency problem after zinc.

Our Liquid Boron 10% is a liquid micronutrient fertilizer which works as both
preventive and curative solution to control the insufficiency
and deficiency of boron in the crops.

Calcium Boron Liquid - The high level of Calcium and Boron in our formula
improves the strength of cell walls and cell division.

Calcium and Boron, together make it more resistant to diseases.

This can be applied to the crop by fertigation or through foliar spraying.

Magnsium Silicon Liquid -Magnesium is vital for plant growth and health as it serves to metabolize carbohydrates.

Plant available silica actively boosts plants ability to withstand stresses
from disease, insects and environmental pressure.

Collectively these benefits of Soil Care increases yield and quality of crops and plants.
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Micronutrient Liquid Fertilizer


Grafting is a technique that is being widely used by a lot of innovative farmers these days.
Grafting is the act of placing a portion of one plant (bud or scion) into or on a stem,
root, or branch of another (stock) in such a way that a union will be formed and the partners will continue to grow.

The part of the combination that provides the root is called the stock; the added piece is called the scion.
Grafting is done with the intention of getting the characteristics of two different plants,
preferably from the same family.

For an instance, if a lemon plant is giving large number of big sized fruits,
and an orange plant is giving fruits that are very sweet but fewer in quantity,
then you can join the root of the lemon plant with the stem of the orange plant using grafting.

This would eventually give greater quantities of orange with the sweetness of the original orange plant.

Thus unifying two plants giving the characteristics of both.
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Types Of Mulching

Types of Mulching:-

1. Plastic mulch:

A thin layer of polyethylene is used to cover up the soil. Plastic mulch is widely used by c
ommercial farmers in greenhouse floriculture, vegetables, and for fruit crops like strawberries & watermelon.

2. Organic mulch:

Any decomposable organic material that can be used to cover the soil is organic mulch.
Organic mulching has an added advantage of increasing the humus content of soil & improving
overall soil quality. Examples of organic mulch: Dry leaves, grass, paddy straw, sugarcane molasses,
green manures, gunny bags, coconut leaves, peanut shells, etc.

3. Mineral / Ornamental mulch:

Mineral mulch is non-biodegradable and hence has a great lifespan. Use crushed stones,
clay pellets, slate, shredded wood, colorful pebbles, gravel, sand, peat moss, etc. All this material
appears as a decorative ground cover and keeps the soil warm.

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sustainableagriculture #climate #arihantgroup
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Types Of Mulching

Organic + NPK liquid fertilizer

Introducing our all-new export-oriented range of Organic + NPK liquid fertilizers that are giving superlative

results to farmers all over. Formulated by the innovative research team at Arihant, this range of products is bound to

deliver when it comes to effective nutrient support for plants. We invite you to know more about this range.
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Organic + NPK liquid fertilizer


Agroecology is a holistic and integrated approach that simultaneously
applies ecological and social concepts and principles to the design and
management of sustainable agriculture and food systems.

It seeks to optimize the interactions between plants, animals,
humans and the environment while also addressing the need for socially
equitable food systems within which people can exercise choice over what
they eat and how and where it is produced.

Agroecology is concurrently a science, a set of practices and a social movement
and has evolved as a concept over recent decades to expand in scope from a focus
on fields and farms to encompass the entirety of agriculture and food systems.

It now represents a transdisciplinary field that includes the ecological, socio-cultural,
technological, economic and political dimensions of food systems, from production to consumption.

The field of agroecology deals with the management and cultivation of agronomic ecosystems.

Agroecology can include a wide range of practices such as crop diversification,
agroforestry, crop-livestock integration, the reintroduction of natural and semi-natural
landscape elements at field or farm-level.

Such practices have been advocated as a potential solution to support biodiversity.
Agroecology is increasingly promoted in the transition towards sustainable food systems.
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It improves nutrient efficiency of other fertilizers by absorbing nutrients and slowly releasin

Arihant Group introduces an export-quality Mineral Granule.

These granules improve nutrient efficiency of other fertilizers by
absorbing nutrients and slowly releasing them when required.

It increases water retention and provides improved aeration in soil.

Plant-available silica actively boosts plants ability to withstand stresses from disease,
insects and environmental pressure, when applied with fertilizers. These benefits of
Soil Care increase the yield and quality of crops and plants.

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It improves nutrient efficiency of other fertilizers by absorbing nutrients and slowly releasin

Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture targets the intrinsic differences in farmland
and optimizes input by Variable Rate Application (VRA).

To implement VRA, detailed spatial data must be collected across fields
and locations through geographic information systems (GIS) and crop lifecycles
using GPS and remote sensing.

The precision farming tools used include precision irrigation systems,
yield mapping & monitoring tools, and information management systems.

Using advanced descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics engines to
analyze the data, precision agriculture arrives at data-driven management decisions
to implement cost-effective, environment-friendly sustainable modern farming solutions.

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Precision agriculture

Internet of things in agriculture

Internet of Things (IOT) is a network of things connected amongst
themselves through the internet.

These devices and gadgets, sensors, processors etc. are used within a projected area.

These devices then collect data, analyze it and then use this data to then carry out
activities based on the acquired data.

For instance, in the agriculture sector, farmers can use temperature,
Soil pH and humidity sensors, automated irrigation systems, drones,
network-integrated sprinklers etc.

Where some devices like sensors and thermometers,
barometers and climate sensors are used to collect data,
systems are used to analyze and interpret this data.

Based on this data the devices that are connected amongst themselves,
the devices then communicate and activate the irrigation systems or drones or sprinklers as required.

This helps adjust your farming as per climate conditions, water availability, etc.

And use your resources and fertilizers optimally without loss or wastage and just as per the requirements of the crop and field.
This is the future of farming and farmers should try and understand and inculcate as much as they can in their own farming.

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Internet of things in agriculture

The Importance of Maintaining Living Soils

A healthy living soil is crucial for sustainable agriculture.

One has to ensure that all the helpful microbes in the soil
are maintained during the process of cultivation.

It is also imperative that soil health be maintained in order to
sustain a good quality of food for people world over.

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The Importance of Maintaining Living Soils

Vertical Farming

With the confines of space in the current times,
vertical farms are just the solution needed for having greenery
around and growing your crop in urban settings.

It not only helps purify the atmosphere around them but also
is a great option for people looking to have their own kitchen gardens.

To grow crops vertically, the vertically stacked-layer method is used to grow
crops in many structures like a skyscraper, shipping containers, and abandoned warehouses.

Using controlled environment agriculture, farmers can execute vertical indoorfarming systems and also plan many indoor farming ideas with various farming techniques.

For example, artificial temperature, light, gases, and humidity help food plants and herbs thrive indoors.

Go Green Go vertical!

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Vertical Farming

Per Drop More Crop

In a push towards farmer empowerment, Govt.

of India has introduced many schemes and initiatives;

one of which is the "Per Drop More Crop" initiative.

This initiative is focused on transforming the irrigation processes followed
by farmers in order to save water and to irrigate more land in the available water.

Awareness is being created about micro irrigation systems such as drip irrigation, sprinklers etc.

These systems are bound to be economic in terms of saving money
and water at the same time.

The farmer not only gets to do what is good for himself,
but also gets to be a part of the greater good by saving water.

Arihant Group has always been a believer of the concept of sustainability
and leaving a healthy planet for future generations.

Our whole new product range of Gel Based Liquid fertilizers is ideal
for drip irrigation and spraying or sprinkling.

We urge the farmers to utilize this initiative as best as they can and play their part.

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Per Drop More Crop

Organic + NPK Liquid Fertilizers

Why choose Arihant's Organic + NPK Liquid Fertilizers :
1. 🌱 Cost -effective : 🏷 Being an emulsion-based liquid fertiliser, it is very easy for the plants to uptake the nutrients and the innovative technology used to make this product ensures that farmers get the most out of the product at lesser costs than conventional fertilisers.
2. 🌱 Improved soil structure: 🏷 It enhances soil structure by improving its ability to retain moisture, increasing its porosity, and promoting better drainage. This results in improved root growth, nutrient uptake, and overall plant health.
3. 🌱 Nutrient availability: 🏷 Organic components in our Organic + NPK Fertilizers aids in a gradual release of nutrients into the soil through microbial activity and decomposition processes. This slow-release mechanism helps provide a steady supply of nutrients to plants over an extended period. Additionally, organic matter acts as a reservoir for nutrients, preventing leaching and making them more available to plants.
4. 🌱 Enhanced nutrient retention: 🏷 It improve the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil, which refers to its ability to retain and exchange nutrients. This helps prevent nutrient runoff and leaching, reducing the risk of water pollution and optimizing nutrient utilization by plants.
5. 🌱 Microbial activity promotion: 🏷 Organic components available in Organic+NPK Liquid fertilizer provide a food source for beneficial soil microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and earthworms. These microorganisms contribute to the decomposition of organic matter, nutrient cycling, and the formation of symbiotic relationships with plant roots, improving nutrient availability and plant growth.
6. 🌱 Increased soil fertility: 🏷 The added benefit of organic components contribute to the long-term improvement of soil fertility leading to healthier soil ecosystems and promoting sustainable plant growth .
7. 🌱 Convenient and efficient nutrient delivery: 🏷 Liquid fertilizers are generally easy to handle and apply. It provides a convenient and efficient way to deliver essential nutrients to plants. It allows for precise nutrient application, reducing the risk of over or under-application.
8. 🌱 Versatile application methods: 🏷 Organic +NPK Liquid fertilizer can be applied through various methods such as foliar spraying, fertigation, or soil drenching. Its liquid form allows for easy and uniform application, ensuring that the nutrients are evenly distributed in the soil or directly absorbed by the leaves.
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Organic + NPK Liquid Fertilizers


🌱 Say Goodbye to Boron Deficiency! 🌾
Struggling with boron deficiency in your crops? We have the perfect solution for you! Introducing our FCO Approved - Boron Ethanolamine 10% fertilizer, specially crafted to address the pain points caused by boron deficiency. Here's how it can revolutionize your farming:
🌿 Swiftly Correct Boron Deficiency: Boron deficiency can stunt plant growth and hamper overall productivity. Our fertilizer provides a concentrated source of boron, swiftly correcting this deficiency and restoring your crops' vitality.
💪 Promote Healthy Plant Development: Boron is crucial for cell wall formation, root growth, and reproductive processes in plants. By replenishing boron levels, our fertilizer helps your crops flourish, promoting stronger roots, larger fruits, and improved yield.
⚙️ Enhance Nutrient Uptake Efficiency: Unlock the full potential of your fertilizers! Boron is known to enhance the absorption and utilization of other vital nutrients, ensuring your plants make the most of every nutrient application. Boost nutrient uptake efficiency and optimize your fertilization efforts.
🛡️ Strengthen Disease Resistance: Protect your crops from common diseases and pathogens! Studies have shown that boron can bolster plants' natural defenses. By incorporating our boron-rich fertilizer, you give your crops an added layer of protection, safeguarding your harvest and reducing the risk of yield loss.
🌾 Easy Application, Remarkable Results: We understand the challenges farmers face, which is why our Boron Ethanolamine 10% fertilizer is designed for easy application. Whether it's foliar spraying, soil application, or fertigation, our fertilizer seamlessly integrates into your existing practices, saving you time and effort.
Don't let boron deficiency hold back your crops any longer. Empower your plants with the missing boron they crave and witness the remarkable difference in growth, yield, and disease resistance.
Get ready to reap the rewards of healthy, thriving crops with our Boron Ethanolamine 10% fertilizer. Say goodbye to boron deficiency and hello to bountiful harvests!
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Calcium Nitrate Fortified With Magnesium

The Incredible Advantages of Calcium Nitrate Fortified with Magnesium 🌱
✅ Optimal Plant Nutrition: Our fortified formula combines the essential nutrients of calcium and magnesium in perfect harmony. It ensures your plants receive a well-balanced and complete nutritional package, promoting healthy growth and development.
🌿 Enhanced Strength and Structure: Calcium plays a crucial role in strengthening cell walls, making your plants more resilient to environmental stressors and diseases. Magnesium, on the other hand, facilitates chlorophyll production, contributing to lush, green foliage and vigorous plant growth.
💪 Improved Nutrient Uptake: The synergistic combination of calcium and magnesium enhances the absorption and assimilation of other vital nutrients, maximizing their effectiveness within the plant. Your crops will benefit from improved nutrient uptake, leading to healthier and more productive yields.

🚀 Elevate Your Crop Production with Calcium Nitrate Fortified with Magnesium! 🌿💪

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Calcium Nitrate Fortified With Magnesium

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